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Ummmm 3 years ago
That was definitely pee
Horny Swede 2 years ago
I have tried that and it was absolutely the best. If you have`nt tried it you have somethig awesome to experiance,beleive me I know. Just try it,you will never regret it.Write me an answer when you have tried it.
3 years ago
Major Turn On I Loved It And I Love Squirting As Well
DISCUSTING 2 years ago
Am I the only one who doesn’t like this video-
Sarah 7 months ago
Want to sit on his face cum all over it mak3 him drink it and then su3k him off and drink his
Nasty 3 years ago
Ew -_-
Aj Twitty 3 years ago
Randi Scott squirting ability right there lol
Big Dick Bastard 7 months ago
Yeah if ya didn’t know squirting is essentially pissing. Not my cup of tee especially in my mouth.
8 months ago
Joe 9 months ago
He trys to get it in his mouth but fails